wtorek, 29 września 2009

Flupke & Gagarin 01 The critique of structuralism

Until i actually decide, if i really need (and want!) an english version of flupke and gagarin strip, i thought no harm will be done if i post that here. the translation may be bit rough, and the page sort of loses the reading flow, but hey! i have done it myself (i mean translation ;) ), so if you think you are smarter than me and your english is better than flupke's, feel free to post a comment. although i'm not sure i will bother to do any more editing now, and probably just leave the page as it is, so it reflects not only my ideas, but language skills as well.

by the way, i did realize now, of how did i screw up - the original script (in polish) was in fact about functional structuralism, and i accidentally dropped the adjective while typing in the word balloons. not that it matters that much anyway, as gagarin only uses the phrase here for a comical effect, but how wasn't i able to follow my own script will remain beyond my recognition - especially that i have done it in the polish version as well.

poniedziałek, 28 września 2009

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